Curacao 2030; Society 5.0

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We officially started to implement on 30.05.2020. How do we implement? By aligning with everybody who is already implementing. Do you want to join? Contact us.

2030 Vision CuraƧao

KREA 2069

Smart Nation Curacao

Curacao Business Magazine

Government and Governance

Goede Consultants

Food and Climate Change

Amigunan di Tera

Green Town

Kura di Arte

Spout by design

Health and Well-being

Living Neighborhood Home

Clean up Curacao / Marten Schakel

ABB CENTER@DESIGN / Solange M.M. Lesire 



Smart City 3.0

Science and Education

Kura di Arte

University of Governance

Technology Connectivity Banking

Curacao Data Driven 

Curacao Tech Meetups 



ICT Sector / Andrew Solomon

Made in Curacao

Global International Management