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2030 Vision Curaçao

Posted by Miguel Goede on June 25, 2020 at 9:15 AM


This document is a vision for Curaçao through the year 2030. It has been co-created by many contributors. It is a living and evolving document that is continuously updated based on new insights, feedback, and input received. It will be the basis for incentivization to develop ongoing initiatives, priorities, and an implementation plan that specifies related to who should do what and when.

The process that participants and readers go through is as necessary as the document itself. The Vision lives in the hearts and minds of people and guides their projects and daily activities. In this sense, the implementation of the Vision has already begun.

The horizon of 2030 is not fixed. Indeed, it is always in motion. To reach some objectives, it might take longer, lasting as far as 2040, 2045, or even 2069 for the most ambitious aspects.

Aside from this introduction, the document discusses four scenarios of the future and seven areas in dedicated chapters.

4 Scenarios – Perception and Approach

Scenarios are organized according to a “We” vs. “I” perspective as well as a centralized vs. decentralized approach. Thus, the 4 combinations (i.e., scenarios) include the following and are described in Sections 2.0 through 5.0:

• Section 2.0: Centralized/I - Lock Step

• 3.0: Decentralized/I - Hack Attack

• 4.0: Centralized/We - Clever Together

• 5.0: Decentralized/We – Smart Scramble

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