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Food and Climate Change

Posted by Miguel Goede on June 8, 2020 at 7:30 PM

It is through governance that society takes care of basic needs like food and climate.

Climate change is a severe problem. The effect is leading towards loss of land, health, homes, work, and everything we know the world of today. It is the result of a continuous cumulative action that is embedded in our social and economic systems since the industrial revolution. Using (abusing) its earth resources and discarding the consequences has a negative chain reaction effect on the environment of which we humans are extremely dependent on upholding our existence.

Curaçao is experiencing the consequences of this ‘negative chain reaction and effect on the environment,’ which is de facto disruptive on a national scale. In essence, a glitch in our worldwide man-made faulty ‘eco-system’ can mean an immediate effect on our national income and a severe drop in food availability. Curaçao depends on imports for practically 95% of its food and 70% of its energy.

According to the document ‘Green New Deal’ this ‘deal’ consists of two main parts: first the goals we should reach to stop the adverse chain reaction and effect on the environment and second to protect the people of their basic needs, jobs, health, education, human rights, safety, etc.


4.2 The Vision

For Curaçao, an island which has its typical environmental and geographical characteristics, social-economic structures and cultural signature, means that executing these Green New Deal goals (re-balancing the climate and re-adjusting our economy and economic system) should be localized and must include at least the following actions, taking the limited space of 444 square kilometers into account: Grow food locally and set up an effective distribution system.


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