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Scenario 5.0

Posted by Miguel Goede on June 4, 2020 at 7:50 AM


Scenario 5.0

The political arena is pluriform. E-Government is a reality. Government power is decentralized to the neighborhoods. The island is outward-looking, collaborating, and integrating. The island plays a mediating role in the region, especially in the case of Venezuela.


The economy is based on the principles of the doughnut economy or circular economy. We got there by implementing a Green New Deal. Progress is measured using a well-being index. The economy is based on the innovative ITC cluster and the creative sector. Remote working and learning is the norm. Export has increased, and there is significant structural economic growth. The economy is meaningful and not driven by neoliberal corporations.


The island produces a significant part of the food by applying technology. There is also urban gardening, and people grow part of their food in their gardens and, in some cases, their roofs. This is achieved by bettering the system to collect rainwater.


Among the general characteristics of Scenario 5.0, the following are present:


  • E-Learning and Life-Long Learning have been implemented. The main purpose of education is to guide people to live a meaningful life.
  • Unemployment and social problems are reduced. Universal Basic Income replaces social security.
  • Healthcare is care and not a business. Healthcare means living a healthy lifestyle.
  • The internet penetration is nearly 100%. It is the era of the Internet of Things.
  • Cryptocurrency is a reality.
  • Public transportation is based on electronic vehicles.
  • The energy is sustainable. A significant part of the houses generates power using solar panels and other technologies.
  • The ecological system is protected by law. There is no conflict between economic development and preservation of the nature of the island.
  • There is the rule of law based on modern legislation. A simple, effective tax system is in place.



Due to the fact that Curaçao is a small island (geographical consideration), as well as historical, cultural, social, and economic factors, the society is divided (i.e., individualistic or I-based, and it is thus centralized in terms of politics and government.


Scenario 2.0 is the best representation of the current state of Curaçao, and in a sense, it has come naturally to the island. Even before the pandemic, this scenario had become no longer sustainable, and the coronavirus has only accelerated this decay.


Ideally, Curaçao is better off aiming to implement Scenario 5.0, which is further described in later sections of the text, and “if we shoot for the stars, we might reach the moon”. In other words, we would be fortunate to reach Scenario 4.0.

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