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Scenario 4.0

Posted by Miguel Goede on June 3, 2020 at 7:15 AM
Scenario 4.0 The political arena is pluriform. E-Government is a reality, and this has increased transparency and enabled the island to be more outward-looking. The island has become a better partner in the global arena. The economy is based on the innovative ITC cluster and the creative sector. Remote working and learning is the norm. Export has increased, and there is significant structural economic growth. Neoliberalism with corporations taking the big stage is still dominant. This is an unequal society. The island produces a significant part of the food by applying technology. There is also urban gardening, and people grow part of their food in their gardens and, in some cases, their roofs. Among the general characteristics of Scenario 4.0, the following are present: E-Learning and Life-Long Learning have been implemented. Corporations are satisfied with the skill level of recent graduates. Unemployment and social problems are reduced. Social security programs are improved. E-Healthcare is a business model, as is preventive healthcare. Internet penetration to the house is maximized, and we live with the Internet of Things. And an online paying solution is in place, enabling international transactions. Public transportation is based on electronic vehicles. The energy is sustainable. A significant part of the houses generates power using solar panels. The ecological system is somewhat protected by law. There is still a conflict between economic development and preservation of the nature island. Due to climate change, adjustments have been made. There is the rule of law based on modern legislation. And a simple and efficient tax system is in place.

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